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 Explore Kannur – the major centre of Theyyam, a ritual dance of northern Kerala. 

Dharmadam Island:

Dharmadam Island (Green Island) is a small 2 hectare private island in Thalassery, Kannur, lies 100 metres from the mainland at Dharmadam. It is covered with coconut palms and dense bush is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. During low tide, one can walk out to it from the beach. Permission is required to land on the island as it is privately owned. Historically , Dharmadam, known earlier as Dharmapattanam, was a Buddhist stronghold.. With 100 m offshore, Dharmadam island is surrounded by rivers and sea and looks like a delightful conjunction of beach and island t

You are spending :  05:00              hrs here. 

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach 

 Kerala’s only drive-in beach, stretches across 5,5 Kms of sand where one can drive down the entire length., It is  between Kannur and Thalassery  The drive is ideal for sampling the famed Malabar cuisine from the many eateries in the immediate hinterland. Black rocks protect this long, clean beach from the currents of the deep, making its shallow waters a swimmer’s paradise.This beach is the longest Drive-In Beach in India . Even though Goa has many beautiful beaches, it does not have a Drive-in beach

Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing and microlite flights are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach in Thalassery. Other attractions include water sports, power boating or a simple catamaran ride. FRom Kannur 16 Kms  

Arakkal Palace:

2 km from Kannur, this place was once ruled by Beebi (Queen) of Arakkal, Kerala's only Muslim Royal family that controlled parts of the coast and even Lakshadweep.


Kannur Fort: Fort St. Angelo

Built in 1505 by Don Francisco D. Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, the fort has passed through the hands of Dutch, Ali Raja of Arakkal and finally to the British and one can still see the barracks, the magazine, cannons and the ruins of a chapel here. Popularly known as Fort St. Angelo, it is now a protected monument under the archaeological survey of India.

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Moppila Bay

Located near St. Angelo's Fort, this fishing harbor was built with Indo Norwegian project assistance and offers a ride in the sea, The highlights here are the remnants of the temple and fort here.

It is better known as the Mapila Bay or the Mappila Beach. It is located in such a way that the St. Angelo’s Fort lies on one side and the Arakkul Fort on the other. This location is the main reason for this place to become a tourist hotspot.

In the past this served as a port used for trade purposes. It was the link between the trade route of Malabar with the other countries. In present times, fishing has become the prime activity here and thus has completely taken over all kinds of trade and business here. After the decline of the trade relations, the bay came back to becoming a local occupational place but could later be maintained due to the aid provided from the trade pact between India and Norway.

This is a very popular boating spot in Kannur though a lot of effort still has to be taken to raise its standards and to make it equal to the other tourist attractions of Kerala. The view of the surroundings is amazing from this place and thus makes it an ideal place for sight-seeing. The sea has a wall from the Kannur Fort dividing the saltwater area of the sea from the fishing area. This has proved to be great help to the local fishermen here. At present, the pollution and crowds has made this place drop down from the position of a tourist attraction to a mere fishing harbor. Nonetheless, this place remains to pull in tourists, given the view and the boating facilities.

The best time to visit is during the months of September to May. 


The Ezhimala Mountain and beach at Kannur are known for the home of the rare medical herbs mentioned in Ramayana that grow here on the strange seven-peaked range. The highlight of the place is the restricted area of the ancient tower of Mount Deli lighthouse maintained by the Navy today. Here, the sea is bluer and beach sand also has a different texture than other parts of Kerala. One may also spot dolphins here.   

Address:  Payyanur, District- Kannur, 

  This place is very important in ancient history and also the battlefield of the Chola – Chera. It was a flourishing city and a center of trade in the beginning of the Common Era. It is also believed by some that it was the abode of Lord Buddha for some time. This hill was once upon a time called as Mount Delly by the british or Monte D’Ely by the Portuguese.

According to Historical evidences, Ezhimala was a part of the Ramanthali Panchayath. This was one of the most flourishing times in the ancient history of Kerala. At this time the state was ruled by the Mushika Royal Family whose first king was Ramaghata Mooshika. He made Ezhimala as his capital. The later kings of this very dynasty are now better known as the Kolathiri Dynasty. Later the successors of King Ramaghata shifted their capitals to Pazayangadi, Valabhapattanam and other nearby places.

At present, it  is the large Indian Naval Academy here.. The academy trains candidates of the naval force and the Indian Coast Guards.


Payyambalam Beach:

The beach of Kannur, it boasts of well-planned gardens and massive landscaped sculpture of mother and child erected by noted sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman. 

Parassinikkadavu Temple:

18 km from Kannur, Shri Muthappan Temple at Parassinikkadavu is situated on the banks of the Valapattanam river and one can see the Theyyam performances here all around the year. On the way to the temple is the Snake Park.  

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