Tree House Home stay


Welcome to Cochin Tree House!!!!

What's new is a Delux Accomodation in a Tree house  (Artificial) in the middle of a fast paced, urban concrete jungle like Cochin, with a metropolitan population of over 1.5 million. A city that attracts people from all genres throughout the year – businessmen, artists, explorers, investors.

 With facilities matching Delux Category, this tree house is guaranteed to give you a wholesome experience. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds and gentle wafting breeze. And of course, the traditional Kerala styled breakfast that needs no introduction.  

At Tree House, you can be sure to find all that you have been looking for – all the comfort in the middle of nature, all the coziness away from home, and the best of Kerala cuisine – prepared to your liking.

It's only fair you be warned. One visit and you might never look at your house the same way again

Accommodation that literally soars above the little town of Vennala, that is the ‘treehouse’. Built next to their own home, the Mampillys decided to ‘do the different’ when it came to accommodating their guests. The treehouse looks sturdy and even rustic. In reality, it is anything but! It is an air conditioned room set above the rest, with the stairs concealed in the trunk.  
It is an ideal getaway for a couple, close to all the creature comforts offered by the bustling city of Kochi. Or for a real holiday experience laze on the nearby beach, float on the famous backwaters of Kerala or simply try one’s luck with a hook and line. You may live like Tarzan with comforts he had to forgol.

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