Kerala Seasons

Kerala Seasons

Kerala lies close to the equator unlike other states. Even then, Kerala is blessed with a pleasant climate because of the nearness of  land to sea and due to the presence of Western Ghats. Kerala would have been a dry land because of the wind blowing from the North. But thanks to the Western Ghats, it prevents the dry air from entering the land. Kerala receives a rainfall of average 3000 mm  each year and the temperature in Kerala ranges from28-32 C except in the highlands. The climatic condition in Kerala differs and can be divided into four seasons: Winter, Summer, South-West, Monsoon and North-East Monsoon.

Winter season in Kerala:

The end of North-East monsoon marks the beginning of Winter season in Kerala ie from the later part of November lasting till the mid February. The temperature is comparatively low during this season and in  the highlands of Kerala where the climate remains cool throughout the year, winter temperature will drop below 10 c. Kerala has the lowest amount of rainfall during the winter season.

Temperature during  Winter in Kerala:

 Maximum : 28°C
Minimum : 18°C

Average Rainfall during the season : 25 mm

Summer season in Kerala:

High temperature, low rainfall, slightly humid are the features of Summer in Kerala. Temperature starts increasing by the end of February and the summer season begins. Summer in Kerala is cool and pleasant unlike other states where temperature rises to 40 c. This is because of the Western ghats preventing the dry air from North to enter the land and also due to the Arabian sea which provides cool breeze , maintaining a moderate temperature in the state. Heavy rains accompanied by lightning and thundering are another characteristic of Summer season in Kerala.

Avg Temperature during Summer in Kerala:

Maximum : 36°C
Minimum : 32°C

Avg Rainfall during the season : 135 mm

South-West Monsoon in Kerala:

This begins by the end of May or early June with the onset of Southern monsoon winds and this starts the rainy season in kerala. The next few months  are periods of continuous rain. Kerala receives copious rainfall because it’s the first state to be hit by the Monsoon winds and also, it lies on the windward side of the Western ghats. Monsoon contributes 85% of rainfall in Kerala. The highest amount of rainfall is received by the slopes of the Western ghats and most of the rivers are fed by monsoon. The monsoon season lasts till September end.

Average Temperature during this season :

Maximum : 30°C
Minimum : 19°C

Average Rainfall during the season : 2250-2500 mm

North-East Monsoon in Kerala:

This is also known as the Retreating Monsoon or the Reverse monsoons. These rains occur in the months of October and November, sometimes lasting till December. Heavy afternoon rains are accompanied by thunder and lightening is the main characteristic of the season. Days are warm and humid. Variation in temperature is not much seen.

 Average Temperature:

Maximum : 35°C
Minimum  : 29°C

Average Rainfall during the season:400-500 mm