Silent Valley Topslip / Parambikulam Valparai Athirapally Tour 5 Days 4 nights -


Silent Valley Guided Trips are From Mukkali, the base camp of Silent Valley National Park,  
Tourists will be taken to Sairandhri, from where the core area of the National Park begins which is 23 KM away from Mukkali by either a bus  or a jeep which is available at Silent Valley Information Centre , of Forest Dept.. Visiting hours is from 8 AM to I PM. . Tourists can trek up to the banks of River Kunthi (1.2 Km). Bathing is not permitted in Kunthi River. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Silent valley landscape from the top of the 100 feet tall watch tower. The time span for the entire trip is 5 hrs