Palakkad to Topslip Distance -Travel route- Location - Road map

Palakkad to Topslip distance, location, road map and direction

Palaghat – Olavakod  Railway station – PGT, is 4 Kms from  Palakad Muncipal Bus stand in palakkad town

Distance between Palakkad and Topslip is around 40 kms +/_ 10 Kms 

Palakkad To Topslip travel time0.8 hpurs on 50 Kms/ Hour 

Palakkad to Topslip Bus 

Bus timings from Palakkad to Topslip is around 0.67 hours when your bus maintains an average speed of sixty kilometer per hour over the course of your journey. The estimated travel time from Palakkad to Topslip by bus may vary or it will take more time than the above mentioned time due to the road condition and differnt travel route. Travel time has been calculated based on crow fly distance so there may not be any road or bus connectivity also.  

Bus fare from Palakkad to Topslip 
 may be around Rs.32.
How to go to Topslip from Palakkad?

On Palakkad  to Pollachi Road, right turn after Ambrampalaym junction  to Topslip