Checklist for Classification

The items included in the checklist are broadly divided into two – Necessary (N) and Desirable (D). It is mandatory for the unit to fulfil all necessary conditions to become eligible for classification/reclassification.

Sl.No Condition Silver

A General

1 Clean and hygienic premises Necessary

2 Building in good condition Necessary

3 Power back up Necessary - Generator & Inverter

4 Facilities for persons with differential abilities Desirable for Silver not necessary

B Public Areas:

1 Newspapers available Necessary

2 Seating arrangements in the living room Necessary

3 Internet connection Desirable for Silver but not necessary

4 Washing machine/Laundry service Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

5 Water Purifier for potable water Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

6 Surveillance cameras Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

C Room Facility

1 Good ventilation facility Necessary

2 attached/separate toilets equal to the number of lettable rooms Necessary

3 Minimum size of bedroom excluding bathroom has to be 120 sq. ft. (For traditional/heritage houses – 100 sq. ft.) Necessary

4 Fan/Room heater Necessary

5 Clean white color bed and bath linen Necessary

6 Minimum bed width for single is 90 cm. and double 120 cm. Necessary

7 Mattress minimum 10 cm. thick – coir, cotton, foam or spring Necessary

8 Minimum bedding 2 sheets, 2 pillows & 2 blankets (in air-conditioned rooms), mattress protector/bedcover Necessary

9 A 5 AMP earthed power socket Necessary

10 A table with drawer that can be used for writing purpose also Necessary ( not plastic)

11 A folder with writing pad, pencil, brochure/tariff, emergency phone numbers – police, hospital, house Necessary

12 Two chairs per room Necessary ( not plastic)

13 Wardrobe with minimum 4 cloth hangers per bedding Necessary

14 Separate waste bin for degradable and non-degradable items Necessary

15 Curtains/screening and mosquito net for all windows Necessary

16 Drinking water facility Necessary

17 A mirror, at least half length (3 feet) Necessary

18 Bath Mat and Room Mat Necessary

19 Reading lamp Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

20 Television Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

21 Air-conditioning Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

D Bathrooms

1 Minimum size of bathroom 20 sq. ft. Necessary

2 One bath towel and one face towel per guest Necessary

3 Shower/ tap facility Necessary

4 A clothes-hook in each bath/shower room Necessary

5 A sanitary bin Necessary

6 Western type Water Closet Necessary

7 Toilet paper Necessary

8 Floors and walls to have non-porous surfaces Necessary

9 24 hours hot & cold running water availability Necessary

10 Guest toiletries – soap (per guest) – shampoo (common) Necessary

11 One bucket with mug Necessary

12 Wash basin & face mirror Necessary

13 Bottled toiletry products including body shampoo, moisturizer Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

14 Complimentary tooth paste, tooth brush, shaving kit, comb Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

E Dining Area

1 Dining room with quality furniture Necessary

2 Non-plastic crockery & glassware Necessary

3 Non-plastic cutlery Necessary

4 Wash basin with liquid soap Necessary

F Kitchen:

1 Refrigerator Necessary

2 Daily cleaning of kitchen Necessary

3 Cooking Range/Stove N Necessary

4 All food grade equipment, containers Necessary

5 Ventilation system Necessary

6 Safe drinking water Necessary

7 Waste bucket with lid Necessary

8 Kitchen Sink Necessary

G Registers and Records

1 Bill book Necessary

2 Occupancy Register Necessary

3 Feedback Register Necessary

4 Complaint Register including action taken Necessary

5 C form submission should be done in proper manner and in record Necessary

H Eco-friendly Practices

1 Segregation of wastes and its disposal Necessary

2 Energy saving lighting Necessary

3 Facility for rain water harvesting Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

I Responsible Tourism

1 Sourcing local goods Necessary

2 Promotion of local souvenirs Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

3 Promotion of local art and culture Desirable for Silver but not Necessary

J Pollution Control Measures

1 Septic tank and soak pit as per IS:2470(part 1 & 2) for the treatment of sewage and Sullage waste Necessary

2 If generator is using-provision of acoustic enclosure Necessary

N: Necessary, D: Desirable