Sabarimala - Athirapally Package Tour

Sabarimala Pilgrimage with Athirapally Falls Tour

welcome to Kerala ! Tripenticer offers Sabarmala darshen tour with athirapally falls visit.

Cochin - Sabarimala

Reception at Cochin airport/ Ernakulam or Aluva or Angamaly Railway station, Move to Sabarimala. River bath at Pampa, and walk to Sannidhanam. Darshan at Sabarimala, in South India's most famous Hindu pilgrimage centre.

Move to Athirapally , An eye catching view of the of the waters of the Chalakudy river in rain forest,cascading down from about 80 feet in two distinct streams is really a spectacular enjoyment. The crashed water created a misty halo. Tourists go to the bottom and enjoying it. you can go to the top and bottom of the falls.

Vazhachal is another water falls in the same Chalakudy river, at a distance of 5 Kms prior to Athirapally Falls. Its landscape is really beautiful.

Thumboormuzhy/ Ezhattumugham Dam and Park.

Both the sides of the river in this area is Tourist spot. Hanging Bridge connects both sides of the river. There is a view tower and Butter fly park also in this area

Hanging Bridge

It connects Thumboormuzhy and Ezhattumugham, the view of the river and mountain are spectacular.

Butterfly Park

One of the main attractions in Thumboormuzhy is butterfly park

River bath in Chalakudy River

In many places of Chalakudy river is suitable for bath. In Athirapally or Vazhachal or Thumboormuzhy or Chalakudy, there are safe place s available to bath. There are lifeguards / security people in all this places.

Package cost of two persons in INR - (2 व्यक्तियों की लागत )

Validity-(1st OCTOBER - 2018 TO 31st MARCH 2019)

Note :- 2 nd NOVEMBER 2018 to 11 th November & 20th DECEMBER 2018 TO 05th JANUARY 2018 have price hike- pls Contact







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