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Athirapally Malakkappara Jungle Safari Day Tour

Package Overview:- The Athirapally-Malakkapara Jungle Safari Tour is a unique opportunity to discover and experience the best of Athirapally and Sholyar forests. This one-day jungle safari, organized by TRIPENTICER, provides a chance to observe wildlife and explore the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats in Kerala. During the journey, you can also discover hill stations, tea estates in Malakkapara, and plantations, in addition to watching wildlife. It is no surprise that this tour is considered the most fascinating spice tour in Kerala.

 Athirapally Malakkappara Jungle Safari is a popular wildlife adventure activity in Kerala, India, that takes you through the lush green forests of the Western Ghats. Athirapally and Malakkappara are two scenic locations in Kerala, situated on the banks of the Chalakudy River and located about 40 kilometers apart.

 The jungle safari starts from Athirapally, a beautiful waterfall located in the Sholayar forest range. From here, you will travel through the dense forests of Sholayar, which are home to a wide range of flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, leopards, sambar deer, bison, and various species of birds.

 The safari takes you through winding roads and hairpin bends, offering stunning views of the Western Ghats. The Malakkappara hills offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, and the cool breeze and fresh air make the journey even more enjoyable.

 The jungle safari lasts for about four hours, during which you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will help you spot wildlife and provide information about the forest and its inhabitants. You can also take short treks and nature walks along the way to explore the forest in more detail.

 Overall, Athirapally Malakkappara Jungle Safari is an exciting adventure that offers a glimpse into the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Kerala's forests. It is a must-visit for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

Day Trip covers:- 

Explore the Athirapally-Malakkapara jungle safari tour in the comfort of your own car. Take advantage of our professional acting drivers from Chalakudy or Cochin Airport to enhance your experience.

Athirappilly Malakkapara Jungle Safari – A day in the Forest - Sholyar Jungle safari

 Athirappilly Malakkappara Jungle Safari Day Sightseeing Tour

Visit to :- ✓Jungle Safari Drive, ✓Athirapally Falls, ✓Charpa Falls, ✓Vazhachal falls, ✓Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview garden, ✓- Butterfly park, ✓ Palm oil estate, ✓ Hanging Bridge, ✓ Sholyar Dam (optional), ✓Anakkayam, ✓Sholyar view point, ✓Malakkappara Tea Estate, ✓Wildlife watch, ✓Private Tour, ✓Ac Car -  Book Your Athirapally- Malakkappara Jungle Safari Tour with TRIPENTICER -Local Guide - Call - 82 82 82 22 36. WhataApp- 9961466495. Athirapally to Malakkappara jungle Safari - Book Now !

The trip starts from either Cochin / Chalakudy/ Ernakalum, depending on your requirement. The destinations that are covered include the magnificent Athirapally waterfalls, Charpa falls, Vazhachal falls, Thumboormuzhy Dam, Riverview Garden, Butterfly Park, Hanging Bridge etc. This one-day journey organised by tripenticer has gained worldwide tourist attraction as it is among our highly demanded tours. Enjoy the beauty of Kerala in a nutshell through our Athirapally-Malakkappara one day safari!

Malakkappara is an an unexplored tourist destination at Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats. Now a days it became a part of Athirapally Tourism. It is about 55 Kms from Athirapally. It is a rain forest with rich in natural beauty and wild life. Malakkappara is part of Athirapally Panchayath. Malakkappra is mainly occupied by Tata Tea estate group and Kerala forest dept. This area hosts to some rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.Malakkappara is the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu in this area. The distance between Malakkappara and Valparai is 23 Km only. Both are tourist destinations.  Best gateway to Malakkappara is from Chalakudy. The distance between Chalakudy and Malakkappara is 96 Kms only, Athirapally water falls come in between.

Athirapally falls

Athirapally Water Falls in evergreen forest

Our representative will receive you @  at Chalakudi  Railway Station - CKI   /  Bus stand or Cochin Airport, (Cochin airport / Aluva/ Ernakulam Rlystn- pick up will come extra payment), take  to Hotel , Relax, Vist  to Athirapally water falls, walk to the top and bottom of the water falls. Explore water fall at your leisure. 

Charpa Falls

Charpa falls

Charpa falls is in between Athirapally falls and Vazhachal falls, The most important point is ,it is seasonal. As summer starts the Charpa falls starts to decrease and disappear..infact it is a monsoon gift.  Charpa falls is exiting and eye catching with a deafening roar at right on the road. As it is on the road side, a lot of tourists are always present there

Vazhachal Falls

Vazhachal water falls

Visit Vazhachal water falls, it is famous for its landscape . The distance between 2 falls are only 5 kms. Vazhachal is one of the main eco tourism areas of western ghats. Tourists can walk around 1 kms through the bunks of the River, Lifegurds are there to take care of the tourists and they are mainly from forest protection force of  tribal people  Shops of many tribal products and Honey etc are available there.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly park in Thumboormuzhy 

The important ecotourism attractions in Chalakudy- Athirapally Ecotourism. Come to the world of butterflies, now a days Thumboormuzhy is attracting more tourists than Athirapally or Vazhachal. It offers more safer natural bath facility in the river. A lot of foreginers are visiting to butterfly and spends hours to study and understand the world of Butterfles. It is a natural habitat of various species of butterfly’s .

Thumboormuzhy Dam

Thumboormuzhy Dam & River side garden with Children's park, View point

A beautiful garden  with a Children's park, Riverside garden with facility of natural river bath. It is basically a check dam. This part of the river is most suitable for bath . It offers a beautiful mountain view of eye-catching with a view tower. Thumboormuzhy  emerging as a photo point for honeymooners, serials shooting etc .

Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge in Thumboormuzhy 

The most enjoyable Hanging Bridge is across  the Chalakudy river connecting 2 sides, offering a panoramic view of nature unimaginable. No douby, really an experience you have to enjoy it/ It connects Thumboormuzhy and Ezhattumugham

Oil Palm Estate

Oil  palm estate in Athirapally 

It one of the attractions enroute to Athirapally & Vazhachal falls. There are many places you can do safe river bathing, just 50 meters from road to the Chalakudy river in oil palm estate. This trip can be called Spice tour too. You can see many spices en route.

Elephant Lake

Aanakkayam - Elephant lake :

A beautiful lake where everyone wants to take photos with nature and keep as mementos of the dream holiday of their lifetime. it is a group of lakes formed naturally in the mildest of the evergreen forest. it is a refreshing and rejuvenating place of wild animals in Summer, Wilds animals like Elephants, etc come line search of water to drink & bath. It is a beautiful scenery in the middle of the jungle. 

Sholyar Rain Forest

Jungle Safari drive - A Day in Rain Forest 

The best way of exploring the majestic beauty of Sholyar ranges of Western ghats is by Safari drive. It infuses a feeling of closeness and friendship that exists with nature.  In Malakkappara  a short  trekking is possible through the tea estate


Malakkappara Tea estate 

Malakkappara is a border of Kerala with Tamilnadu.  Tamilnadu side is Valpparai. This entire area is of Tea Plantains.  Tea factories are also here. Workers collecting new buds of tea plants is a common scene

Wildlife watch

Wildlife watch @ Rainforest of Sholayar ranges 

In you 40 Kms Jungle safari drive, there is a lot of chance to watch Wildlife,40 kms safari by car through the evergreen forest of Sholayar ranges of Western ghats.  Drop at  Cochin airport/ Ernakulam / Thrissur Railway station 

Transportaion by Ac Car/ TT/ Luxury Bus


Which are the places to visit in Athirapally Jungle safari Day Tour ? 

Athirapally Malakkappara jungle safari Day tour is the most popular jungle safari day trip in Kerala. Visit amazing 80 feet height waterfalls, explore 40 Kms jungle Safari drive in the Sholayar forests of Western Ghats and Malakkappara Hill station . 

Day Trip covers:- 

Thumboormuzhy Dam & River side Garden with Childrens Park - (Ezhattumugham) 

Butterfly Garden 

Hanging Bridge across Chalakudy River  

Oil palm Estate  

Athirappilly Water Falls 

Charpa Falls

Vazhachal falls  

40 Kms Jungle Safari Drive & Wildlife watch

Anakkayam ( Elephant Lake)  

Malakkappara Tea Estate  

Sholyar Dam Optional

TRIPENTICER  conducts Sholayar jungle safari one day trip every day

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