Munnar Long stay Properties


The current trend shows a rising demand for budget accommodations in tourist destinations, particularly for long stays. This is particularly evident among senior citizens who prefer scenic and tranquil locations like hill stations, with Munnar and its surrounding areas being popular choices. These destinations offer a peaceful environment, cooler climate, and natural beauty, which are ideal for retirees looking to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

Additionally, the work-from-home culture, which has become increasingly prevalent among IT professionals, has also contributed to this trend. People in this sector are seeking affordable long-stay options that allow them to work remotely while enjoying a change of scenery. This has led to a growing market for budget-friendly rooms and houses in these areas.

One such notable place is Pooppara, located near Munnar. Pooppara stands out for its cool climate, lush cardamom plantations, and expansive tea gardens, offering a serene and picturesque setting. Among the accommodations available here, Preethi Residency is a property that caters to this demand. It offers affordable living options suitable for both senior citizens looking for a peaceful retreat and IT professionals seeking a tranquil work-from-home environment. The combination of natural beauty, budget-friendly accommodations, and a calm atmosphere makes Pooppara and properties like Preethi Residency attractive for long stays.