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 Kerala Christian Tours- Kerala Tour Packages with Church Visit - India 

We, at Tripenticer, conduct wide number of Church tours across Kerala annually. Our Christian Trip packages are designed and planned with an intention to help those people who want to visit Kerala Churches and understand Christian faith rooted in Kerala. The tours are organised for both devotees as well as occasional tourists. 

Kerala Tour Packages with Church visit - Leisure  Tours

This tour package covers major sightseeing destinations of Kerala such as Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon, Alleppey backwaters & houseboat, Kumarakom & Kovalam beach etc, together with visiting Christian pilgrimage sites and Churches. It is a combination of leisure holiday and pilgrimage visits. The sightseeing destinations will be depending on the itinerary you choose. This package is of different type in terms of destination you choose and cost. This can be modified depending on individual preferences. Being a combination of both, this package is highly preferred among tourists who want to enjoy Kerala and also, understand its Christian culture. 

Kerala is a place that has been fascinating to worldwide tourists and has attracted travellers due its diversity in culture, tradition and beliefs. It is a state with high religious diversity and high religious harmony. It hence exists as a symbol of religious co-existence in India. The population of Kerala practices three religions. These are mainly Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. It comprises of 50% of Hindus, 30% Muslims and 20% Christians. Kerala has been a hub of travellers and traders even when it dates back to years. Traders and colonisers across the world such as Jews, Arabs, European & Christians etc play a significant role in the diverse culture and religious practices of Kerala. No wonder Kerala remains unique as its history is so diverse and culturally radiant! Kerala has an impressive list of churches, temples, mosques & synagogues.

Kerala is known as the cradle of Christianity in India as there is no other state with such deep-rooted Christian history and faith. Christianity was introduced in Kerala with the arrival of St. Thomas apostle in AD 52 and since then, the presence of Christian community and practices are significant all over Kerala. A very vibrant Christian faith can be witnessed in Kerala with the huge number of Christian churches and Christian communities present. If you are a Christian follower or a traveller interested in Christianity, missing out on visiting Kerala will be a definite loss!. Tripenticer aims at providing Christian Tour Packages and Kerala Tour Packages with Church visits for all the tourists out there who want to visit Kerala and have a religious holiday as Kerala is home to many historic and religious existence. Our staffs provide customised Kerala Tour Packages at your conveniences and individual choices. Be a part of the diverse population and enjoy the evergreen beauty of Kerala with our Christian Tour Packages.

Kerala Tour Packages with Church Visit

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4 Days Kerala Tour + Churches 

5 Days Kerala Tour + Churches  

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Kerala Tour Packages with Church Visit       (Kerala Christian Leisure Tours)

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