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 Kochi (Cochin) Tour Packages 

Cochin tour packages encompass a variety of experiences, catering to different durations and interests. These include Cochin City Tours: These are typically day-long excursions within Cochin itself, exploring its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, bustling markets, and unique local cuisine.

 One-Day Trips from Cochin: Ideal for those who wish to explore beyond the city, these trips start in the morning and return to Cochin by evening. Destinations include the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, the majestic Athirappilly Waterfalls, and the scenic bird sanctuaries like Kumarakom.

Two-Day Tours from Cochin: These packages are perfect for a more immersive experience, allowing travelers to venture further into Kerala. Popular itineraries might include overnight stays in nearby hill stations like Munnar, wildlife experiences in Thekkady, or leisurely backwater cruises in Kumarakom or Alleppey, all commencing and concluding in Cochin.

 Each package offers a unique perspective of Kerala's diverse beauty, from the bustling streets of Cochin to the serene landscapes of its surroundings. 

Kochi (Cochin) Tour Packages at a Glance

Cochin, also known as Kochi, is a significant hub for Kerala tourism and offers a variety of tour packages that cater to different interests and preferences. Here's a brief overview of the types of tours available, highlighting their unique features:

 Cochin City Tours: These tours offer an exploration of Kochi's rich cultural heritage, historic landmarks, and vibrant local markets. It's perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the city's unique blend of traditional and modern influences.

 Cochin City Tours with Boating: Adding a boating element, these tours allow visitors to experience the scenic backwaters and coastlines of Kochi. It's a great way to see the city from a different perspective and enjoy the tranquil waters.

 Cochin City Tours with Cherai Beach: This tour combines the cultural exploration of Kochi with a relaxing visit to Cherai Beach. It's ideal for those who want to experience both the urban and coastal sides of Kerala.

Cochin City Tours with Chottanikkara Pilgrimage: These tours are tailored for those interested in religious and spiritual sites. The Chottanikkara Temple is a renowned pilgrimage site, attracting devotees and tourists alike.

 Cochin Honeymoon Tours: Specifically designed for couples, these tours offer romantic experiences in Kochi, including serene backwater cruises, candlelight dinners, and visits to picturesque locations.

Cochin Group Tours: Perfect for larger groups, these tours are customized to cater to the interests of the group, be it cultural exploration, culinary experiences, or adventure activities.

One-Day Tours from Cochin: For those short on time, these tours offer a condensed but comprehensive experience of Kochi's highlights within a single day.

2 Days Tours from Cochin: Extending the exploration, these tours allow for a more relaxed pace and the opportunity to delve deeper into the sights and sounds of Kochi and its surroundings.

Cochin's significance in Kerala tourism lies in its diverse offerings that cater to various interests, from cultural and historical explorations to beachside relaxation and spiritual journeys. Its strategic location also makes it an ideal starting point for exploring other destinations in Kerala.

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The city of Cochin Ernakulam is located 33 Kms from Cochin Intl Airport. Ernakulam is the town of Kochi ( Cochin). Most of the hotels and business dealings are in Ernakulam. Lulu mall is in Ernakulam Edappally.  TRIPENTICER conducts Tours from Cochin (Ernakulam) to all parts of Kerala & South India.

 We are providing Tour packages from Cochin airport as well as Ernakulam . The railway station is located at Ernakulam.

Cochin  Day Trips 

1.Cochin - Munnar- Cochin 

2. Cochin-Alleppey- Kochi  

3. Cochin- Kumarakom  

4. Cochin- Vagamon Hills  

5. Cochin -Athirapally 

6.Kochi - Guruvayur- Thrissur 

7.Kodanad- Thattekkad

1 Night 2 Days Cochin

  3.Cochin- Vagamon Hills 

  4. Cochin -Athirapally 

  5. Kochi - Guruvayur- Thrissur  

   6. 6.Kodanad- Thattekkad

2 Days 1 Night Kochi (Cochin) Tour Packages 

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Cochin City Tour

Kerala Houseboats

 The Importance of Kochi ( Cochin) in Kerala Tourism

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a significant city in Kerala, India, and holds a pivotal role in the state's tourism industry. Its importance can be attributed to several factors:

 Gateway to Kerala: Kochi is often referred to as the gateway to Kerala due to its well-connected transport facilities. It has an international airport, a major port, and a well-developed road and rail network, making it an ideal starting and ending point for most Kerala tour packages.

 Rich Cultural Heritage: The city is a melting pot of cultures, showcasing a unique blend of Dutch, Portuguese, British, and traditional Keralite influences. This is evident in its architecture, cuisine, and cultural practices, making it an intriguing destination for tourists.

 Historical Significance: Places like Fort Kochi and Mattancherry have historical importance, with landmarks such as the Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace, and the Chinese Fishing Nets, attracting history enthusiasts.

Art and Festivals: Kochi is famous for its vibrant art scene and festivals. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art, is a major attraction. Traditional festivals like Onam and Vishu also draw many visitors.

 Natural Beauty and Climate: Its scenic backwaters, beautiful beaches, and pleasant climate throughout the year make it a preferred destination for tourists seeking relaxation and nature exploration.

Hub for Commerce and Trade: Being a commercial hub, Kochi attracts business travelers as well, contributing to its tourism sector.

Proximity to Other Tourist Destinations: It's close to other popular tourist spots in Kerala like Munnar, Alleppey, and Thekkady, making it a convenient base for exploring the wider region.

 Culinary Experiences: The local cuisine, which includes a variety of seafood and traditional Keralite dishes, is a major draw for food enthusiasts.

 In summary, Kochi's strategic location, rich cultural tapestry, historical landmarks, vibrant art scene, natural beauty, and proximity to other tourist attractions make it an indispensable part of Kerala's tourism. This explains why a significant majority of Kerala tour packages start and end in this city.

One-Day Tours from Kochi ( Cochin)

One-day tours from Kochi (Cochin) offer a variety of experiences, catering to diverse interests. Here are some popular options:

 Backwater Cruise in Alleppey: A day trip to Alleppey, about 1.5 hours from Kochi, for a backwater cruise is a must. You can enjoy the serene beauty of the Kerala backwaters on a houseboat, witnessing the lush greenery, paddy fields, and local village life along the banks.

 Trip to Athirappilly Waterfalls: Known as the "Niagara of India," these waterfalls are about a 2-hour drive from Kochi. The route itself is scenic, and the destination offers a spectacular view of the waterfalls amidst a lush forest.

 Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Sightseeing: Explore the historical parts of Kochi itself, with attractions like the Chinese Fishing Nets, Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace, and the St. Francis Church. This area is rich in colonial history and culture.

Munnar Day Trip: Although a bit of a stretch for a day trip (around 4 hours one way), Munnar's tea gardens and cool climate make it a tempting option for those willing to start early. The tea museum and panoramic views of the Western Ghats are highlights.

 Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Around 2 hours away, this sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers. You can see a variety of migratory birds, especially during the winter months.

 Kochi City Tour: Spend the day exploring Kochi's urban delights, including its bustling local markets, the Marine Drive, the Hill Palace Museum, and the Indo-Portuguese Museum. The city's blend of traditional and modern elements is fascinating.

 Cultural Tour in Kochi: Engage in a cultural tour within Kochi, visiting the Kerala Folklore Museum, watching a traditional Kathakali dance performance, or experiencing a Kalaripayattu martial arts show.

 Cherai Beach Visit: Just an hour's drive from Kochi, Cherai Beach is ideal for relaxation, swimming, and enjoying the coastal ambiance.

 Cochin Spice Market and Cooking Class: Explore the famous spice markets of Kochi and participate in a local cooking class, a great way to immerse yourself in Kerala’s culinary traditions.

 Visit to Kodanad Elephant Training Centre: About 2 hours from Kochi, this center offers a unique experience with elephants, including watching them bathe and learning about their care.

Each of these tours offers a different slice of Kerala, showcasing its natural beauty, culture, history, and culinary richness, all accessible within a day's journey from Kochi.

 Kochi Tour Packages FAQs

Q. What are the transportation options for getting around Kochi?  

A. Kochi (Cochin) has a very good metro service that is safe and affordable. Additionally, a water metro system is available, providing an interesting journey. Bus services are available, with city buses operating regularly within Kochi. Taxi services, including Uber, Ola, and numerous private taxi services, are also readily accessible. 

Q.How many days should I plan for my vacation in Kochi?

A. A minimum of a 3-day vacation is recommended to fully explore Kochi. On one of those days, it's advisable to dedicate your time to exploring Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Heritage Tourism, and experiencing Kathakali performances. You can easily navigate Fort Kochi on foot or by bicycle, allowing you to visit its cafes, souvenir shops, street markets, and churches.

 On the second day, you can start with a visit to the Hill Palace Museum, followed by Chottanikkara Temple, St. George's Church in Edappilly for devotees, and in the afternoon, enjoy the famous Cherai Beach.

 For your third day, consider exploring Ernakulam town, the Folklore Museum, and Marine Drive, which is the heart of Cochin. You can also go for a boat ride at Marine Drive and indulge in some evening shopping at malls and other retail destinations.

 Are there any reputable hotels or resorts for accommodation in Fort Kochi?

A. Fort Kochi is a favored weekend destination for both tourists and nearby city residents. Consequently, there are numerous excellent hotel and resort choices available if you plan to stay overnight or for an extended period. It is also advisable to base your stay in Fort Kochi for your Kochi trip and explore other parts of the city from this convenient location 

When is the best time to visit Kochi?

The ideal period to visit Kochi is during the winter months, from October to March. During this time, the climate is relatively cooler, and the humidity decreases, providing a more comfortable environment for exploring and sightseeing. Additionally, Kerala, where Kochi is located, offers a distinct allure during the monsoon season. The rains bring out a lush, vibrant greenery, adding a special vibrancy to the region 

What activities are available to do in Kochi?

In Kochi, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as experiencing a Kathakali performance, taking a daytime boat ride or an evening walk along Marine Drive, embarking on a boat cruise at Fort Kochi beach, paddling through the backwaters, and shopping for souvenirs.

What are the places to visit in Kochi?

Cochin has a number of tourist places to visit - Kerala Folklore Museum, Nettur Backwaters & boating, Fort Cochin beach and first European Township in India –Mattancherry, Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace and Museum, St Francis Xavier's Church, Marine Drive.

 Can I have backwater boating in Kochi? 

Of course, there are 2 types of boating in 2 different places in Kochi ( Cochin). One is Backwater boating, which mainly starts in Nettur. The second Boating place is Marine Drive- the downtown of Cochin. It is a city Tour in Marine Drive in the sea face of Cochin

What are the Cochin Day tours available? 

Tripenticer Kerala Holidays offers 10 - One Day Tours ( Day Trips/ Same Day Tours)from Cochin. Most of these tours are private and daily from Cochin Intl airport. There are one Day tours starting from Ernakulam, Ernakulam Railway station, and nearby places. The most wanted tour is the Cochin City tour (Full-day Kochi Sightseeing Tour). Cochin Day Tours are available for private and Group Tours. For more details, 

What is the best Kerala tour Itinerary?

 The Best Tourist Route is Cochin - Guruvayur- Athirappilly- Munnar - Thekkaday - Vagamon - Kumarakom - Alleppey - Varkala - Kovalam- Kanyakumari - Trivandrum

How can I visit Kerala? 

The best way is to take a Kerala package Tour- so that you can explore Kerala Hassle free. 2 to 12 Days Kerala Tour packages are available from many famous Tour operators. Available in % different categories- Budget, Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Premium and Luxury

How populous is Kochi? 

Kochi (Cochin) is a port city in Ernakulan District, Kerala State of India. it was the ancient gateway to India in the past. Kochi is known as the Queen of the Arabian sea. it is on the west coast with a population of 602,000 and a metropolitan population of 2.1 million. Cochin is the biggest city in Kerala. Fort Cochin is a famous tourist spot in Cochin - it was the first European settlement in India. Cochin is the center of Kerala Tourism.

1. What are the Best places that we can cover in two days in Kochi? 

2. What are the 2 Days 1-night tour packages from Kochi?