Kerala- Alleppey Houseboat Cruise Details - Types of Boats, Timings, Tariff, Food & Booking

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Package Overview- What to know before booking a Houseboat in Alleppey / Kumarakom

Tripenticer provides a clear information about different types of Houseboats based on no of rooms- single bedroom Houseboats, 2 Bedroom Houseboat, 3 bedroom Houseboats, 4 bedroom Houseboats & 5 Bedroom houseboats. Different categories like Standard Houseboats, Ac Deluxe Houseboats, AC premium Houseboats, Luxury Houseboats are there. Moreover different types of cruises (boating) like Day cruise, Day Night stay and cruise, Short cruise, Night stay in Houseboat with short cruise, etc. We provide details like starting and ending time of different types of cruises, routes, food menu in boats, etc. It is good to know before booking a Houseboat details like, Types of Boats in Alleppey & Kumarakom, Boating Timings, Tariff & Rates , Food Menuu & Booking procedures.

Alleppey & Kumarakom Houseboat Details - Boating Timings, Tariff & Rates, Food Menu and Online Booking- TRIPENTICER

Know the facts about Alleppey/ Kumarakom House boat Trips

Houseboat is basically for Relaxing

Day - Night stay & cruise - 1 Night 2 Days Houseboat package

Starts at 12 Noon , it moves till 5 pm. In between 1 hour Lunch break. After 5 pm - there is no cruise, it is ideal in the lake side. Then next day 7.45 am to 8 45 am - 1 hour cruise, 9 o clock check out

In Ac Deluxe House boats - Ac will be given only 9 pm to morning 6 am , ( AC will be available in day time with extra payment , if required , on hourly basis )

In Premium & Luxury Houseboats Ac facility is available all times.

Food- Welcome drink, Lunch, Evening Tea/ coffee with Snacks, Dinner, next day Breakfast

Day cruise

Starts at 11. 15 am , it moves till 5 pm. In between 1 hour Lunch break. No Ac service normally on day time as there is lot ofwind in the lake in day time .

( AC will be available in day time with extra payment if required , on hourly basis )

Food- Welcome drink, Lunch, 4 Tea/ coffee with Snacks,

Moreover Other Types of Boat services are also available

Shikkara Boats -

Motor Boats

Speed Boats

Different types of House Boats

House boats are classified as Standard, Deluxe, Premium & luxury mainly, price as well as quality of service will also high as we move from standard to Luxury

Again we can classify House boats according to the numbers of bedrooms- 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedroom & 5 bedrooms

How to avoid House boat complaints ?

Book higher category boats to get better services Too much of bargaining definitely will reduce the quality of boat, food as well as services. It is always good to book through a reputed tour operator